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Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability consulting services are inherent in all phases of any project by Sakoian International, LLC. This is necessary to ensure a project's healthy lifespan, positive impact on the surroundings and the environment(s) from which the materials and energy are harvested.

Master Planning

Master planning encompasses the complete breadth of a designers expertise to successfully pull together all project factors into a cohesive solution which exploits all resources inherent to the nature of the project and scope. Sakoian International, LLC serves as the link between owner, user, facilities and the community to produce gainful solutions to all vested parties. Planning services can be provided for a residential/mixed-use community, school campus, government/ recreation facility or infrastructure project.


Programming services are instrumental in clearly defining what spaces, elements and services are needed and to ensure that they become an asset to the end-user. Sakoian International, LLC can provide our clients with the needed resources to develop an effective building program.

Schematic Design

Schematic design services are when we give form to your project's program & concept(s) and when the building, bridge or facility takes shape. Sakoian International, LLC believes in a collaborative process between the owner and design team to ensure that our holistic design approach will exploit all opportunities, inside and out.

Design Development

Design development services represent the critical link between the concept and construct ability of your project. This phase is when Sakoian International, LLC takes a more detailed look at the building form, components and it's specific assemblies. At the end of this phase your project will be ready for final documentation.

Contract Documents

Contract document services will develop all the architectural documentation your project requires for the the bid, permitting and implementation stages. Included will be the plans and specifications required to clearly define the project scope so the owner or owner's agent can estimate the related costs and develop a construction schedule.

Contract Administration

Contract administration services are provided during construction so that the the design intent is carried out according to the contract documents. Sakoian International, LLC has the knowledge and communication skills required to work effectively with the contractor.

LEED Accredited Professional

LEED accredited professional services are available should your needs be to register and certify your project through the USGBC LEED rating system. This is a decision that is best made early-on so the objectives can be established and realized through each project phase.