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Chesapeake Wetlands Research Center

PROPOSAL: Chesapeake Wetlands Research Center

LOCATION: Chesapeake Bay, MD

DESCRIPTION: Chesapeake Wetlands Research Center is a design concept for bringing both increased research and education into the Chesapeake Bay region by integrating a retreat, educational center and laboratory into one facility that also harbors an interactive “living machine”. The facility is dedicated to rehabilitating the Chesapeake Bay watershed through the long-term goal of restoring its precious wetlands.

Sakoian International, LLC is dedicated to the practice and innovation within the field of responsible land-use and wastewater management.  We encourage the application of known better management practices and will work with the owners, developers and engineers towards the development of innovative techniques.  Protecting the earths water resources is a fundamental strategy to ensuring a sustainable future for our children.  Basic strategies are available that can reduce utility & municipal costs which also represent good earth stewardship.

This project is representative of the values of Sakoian International, LLC being that sustainability is not only a design principle, it is a fundamental factor of our growth and needs to be integrated into all levels of education.  A “living machine” is an effective method of artificially delivering the same ecological function as a natural wetland area and can help re-establish the earths ability to cleanse the waters that flow from our rivers and streams before entering the open ocean.  Many wetlands have been destroyed through irresponsible development practices which have allowed sediment and pollution to flow into adjacent ecosystems. This research center is designed to provide a place for both scientists and students to work, study and innovate within a collaborative environment.