Sakoian International, LLC |

Radisson Resort

PROJECT: Radisson Resort

LOCATION: Moscow, Russia

FIRM: Sakoian International, LLC / H2L2 Russia

PIC: John Michael Sakoian, Jr. / Agatha Christy

DESCRIPTION: The Radisson is a resort hotel, condominium, retail & corporate convention center on the banks of the Moscow River.  The proposed design was planned to house a lifestyle of luxury and convenience for the resident and visitor with activities centered around a large riverfront park and marina.  Laying out this relatively complex program was often met with challenges brought on by Moscow’s strict zoning ordinances combined with this relatively narrow site.

Above the first few levels, the zoning required a condensed floor plate which rendered a thin tower on platform or “plinth” planning strategy.  Transparency to the river and the adjacent park space was a priority for most public areas of the building as well as the private residences.  Daylight and views are captured through open-planned spaces and a combination of frosted and transparent interior glass partitions.

The Radisson plinth contains the main public and service functions of the building which include double height hotel and condominium lobbies with adjacent restaurants, a lounge and conference center.  The lower level houses the spa, fitness center, private meeting spaces, basic services and night club.  The sites natural slope toward the riverfront allow direct access from these lower level spaces to the public riverfront park space, VIP plaza and service entrances. The roof of the plinth serves as a private roof garden for the private condominiums.  The lobby, lounge, and restaurant spaces connect to a main level terrace and grand cascading garden which allows direct access from the lobby level to the river park.  This grand stair is planned to double as amphitheater seating for outdoor events in the plaza.

The Radisson tower consists of two wings, one housing private luxury condominiums and the other is dedicated to the hotel.  Both wings are planned to maximize views to the Moscow river and river park.  The Northern facade is relatively solid to shelter the building from prevailing winter winds and limit views to the neighboring industrial sites.

The tower’s building envelope is an arrangement of open and glass-enclosed winter garden terraces.  The terraces act as deep overhangs to self-shade the building’s southern facade.  The dedicated winter garden terraces are enclosed by a secondary skin system.  The enclosed terraces create a “green-house” thermal-mass heating strategy which permits year-round use and increases the building’s solar heat gain during the winter months.