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Shawnee Park Master Plan & Aquatic Center

PROPOSAL: Shawnee Park Master Plan and Aquatic Center


FIRM: Sakoian International, LLC

PIC: John Michael Sakoian, Jr., AIA


The proposed design utilizes a prefabricated rigid steel frame and exterior panel system of fabric, metal, split faced masonry and stone. Fabric -skinned structures are gaining popularity due to their many advantages over prefab metal buildings. These advantages include natural day lighting for reduced operational cost, corrosion resistance for reduced maintenance, air-tightness for improved insulation values and reduced mechanical loads and they are light-weight which speeds fabrication time.

In addition to rigid frames, trusses are used wherever possible to reduce the overall material costs while improving spans for more open and column-free spaces. These spaces remain flexible allowing the building to change its use over time as different needs arise.

1 – Community Core

The North end of the Park is dedicated to the more public activities, parking and indoor activities which will be used year-round.

2 – Athletic Core

The central core of the park is dedicated to the athletic fields and amphitheater which also includes pavilion areas and plazas for community events. A Promenade divides the central core and serves as the park’s main pedestrian circulation route.

3 – Recreation Core

A portion of the existing Shawnee Golf Course has been modified into a (6) hole Par-3 Golf course. The portion of the course that will remain is closest to the river and mountains for the most scenic golf experience. Circumnavigating the golf course is a 1-1/2 mile recreational multi-use trail.