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Via Visconti

PROJECT: Via Visconti

LOCATION: Pt. St. Lucie, FL

Via Visconti is a contemporary and sustainable housing development for Florida’s Treasure Coast. The housing design is centered around the modern lifestyle incorporating open floor plans and a simple but cohesive arrangement of living spaces for maximum flexibility, ease of construction & energy efficiency. Deep 40’ wide lots encourage an axial planning strategy with a central living space opening to a private courtyard.

Florida’s hot, humid climate lends towards the planning of open interior spaces and high ceilings which allow the free-flow of air for passive cooling. This is executed thru a single large living space containing the kitchen, dining, and entertainment spaces. These areas are wrapped by glass doors which open to the central courtyard. A seamless indoor/ outdoor experience is achieved as well as improving the sense of “livable” volume.

Master planning for Via Visconti involved evaluating many factors including the size, type and orientation of the development in context with the continuously changing demographic within Florida’s treasure coast. Through the proper planning of pedestrian walkways and park spaces, as well as controlling the structure’s scale and orientation, a comfortable proportion of housing to open space is preserved.

Generally, an E-W orientation places the courtyard and fenestration to the North. This passive shading strategy minimizes energy gain from solar radiation and increases southern roof exposure for the efficient operation of solar panel systems. Also, prevailing winds from the West and coastal convection currents from the East can pass through each courtyard throughout the day.